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2-8-18 One of the Best Fortune Quotes Ever!

Doing what you love is freedom.....Loving what you do is happiness.

1-14-18 by Katina Tarver

In order to be successful at anything in life, it starts from the way we think.

Quote for today...1-15-16 - NEW YEAR!
Written by Katina Tarver

57 mins ·

“I got your back” vs “I got your back (unconditionally)”…there IS a difference.
- Not just being a friend sometimes
- Being by your side through the good and the worst
- Being that supporter, cheerleader and comforter
- Not turning your back when things get difficult
- Though not seeing eye to eye on things…their still there
- Being that spiritual confidant when needed
- Being a listening ear..without posting judgment
- Gives, without expecting anything in return
- Is honest with you..even if it hurts
- Excepts the flaws with the goods

We can all have many friends…but it’s those ones that no matter what…they truly have your back.

If you have any friends like this…and you haven’t said “thank you, for just being you” lately…..feel free to share this with them and give them a shout out…because they deserve it! ‪#‎NFM‬ ‪#‎IGOTYOURBACK‬

K Jazz*Worldwide*™‏@KJazzMusic
Q: Ever wonder why one piece of anything works and the other doesn’t? because when we focus on one piece instead of the whole..
   links start to fall apart. #Build #Maintain #Stability #NFM

K Jazz*Worldwide*™‏@KJazzMusic

Q: We are not robots built to perfection. So if you make a mistake, life is not over.TRY AGAIN. Live/Learn/Improve #NFM

9:58 AM - 31 Dec 2014

Quote:Believe it or not..we CAN have the best of both worlds. Happiness and Success.*Focus*/ *Build*/ *Maintain*// #NFM

8:33 PM - 29 Dec 2014

There's nothing like sitting by the fireplace on a rainey chilled day..and looking forward to a proclaimed rewarding new year! #NFM

5:36 PM - 27 Dec 2014

Q: Don't let the season pass you by without telling your loved ones how much you love them. Never know if you'll get that chance again. #NFM

9:39 AM - 18 Dec 2014

Q: Many times we read too much into a statement,missing the most important point.If you don't know..ask. Effective communication is key.#NFM

1:53 PM - 16 Dec 2014

Today's Quote: We are a product of our own creations,so what we create in ourselves,are reflected in our responses #NFM

9:41 AM - 13 Dec 2014

Today's quote: Life is what we make it. It's the choices we make that constitute success or failure. So choose wisely. NFM

8:52 AM - 12 Dec 2014 Find the best Marriage Counselors