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First Annual Artist Showcase Event 
coming September 2020.

N-Force Momentum will present it's first annual artist showcase event coming September 2020. This event showcases artist who work with N-Force Momentum, past and present, in artist development, songwriting, vocals, vocal recording and performance which is presented to family and friends. 

The public is also welcome to attend. 

We also invite local and major record label representatives, local media, and publications to attend.

Women's Conference 


Coming soon 2021

This conference is to inspire and encourage women ages 18 and above to be the best at whatever it is they intend to achieve, because as women we  are always faced with challenges but the reward is endurance and success which is what "I'm A whole lot of woman" reflects on from women in different areas of life; working women, single mothers, students to married women who deal with balancing stress management, anxiety, financials, relationship challenges, child rearing, education, maintaining home, running a company and many other stressors on a daily.

                                    Also we will award 2 scholarships to  young women entrepreneurs who attend the seminar between the ages of 18-25. 

                                                                          See attached for details:


N-Force Momentum's new partnership company in Tyler will be launching the first fitness program in Tyler, Tx January 2019. If you mommies live in that area and looking for a nice place to workout, MommyFit has you in mind. Stay updated on the signup date!

Fundraiser / Car Wash

 July 1, 2017

12pm - 5pm


July 22, 2017

12pm - 2pm

"Teen and Young Adult" 

  Music / Fashion Show

  August 19, 2017


  Ages 17 - 25


Seminar for women and mothers who are struggling with children, jobs and life.

September 16, 2017

11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Location: New Faith Church



"Party on the Green"

Teen/Family Summer Blast Event



June 20, 2015

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